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We specialise & focus on Civil and Commercial Formwork, reinforcement and concrete placement. In 2012 we branched out to offer transport services through our new transport division - SMS Transport Newcastle.

Our services are not limited to NSW, being involved in projects and quoting for significantly sized projects in the energy and mining sector - Australia wide. 

Due to our well conceived brand marketing & our ‘can do’ attitude that focuses on quality, we are now being approaching by major contractors in the Civil Construction Industry.

SMS Civil Constructions is very well managed and all staff have specific roles and responsibilities. Monthly reports are produced along with KPI’s (key performance indicators) with any variations agreed prior to action; these variances are openly discussed at the board meetings where SMS is continuing to implement its business plan.

The staff are motivated by work at SMS Civil Constructions because it is a well managed, caring & a family oriented company where management are generous & approachable. Staff are well paid and superior performance is rewarded financially but also recognized by the owner who conducts regular performance reviews and give praise where it is earned.

The culture of the organization is approachable, happy, calm and focused, which is well respected by the team and naturally attracts like minded quality people that want to work for the company. We are very good at planning and we make decisions for the company that translates in to growth and profitability. We have in place robust documented procedures for all our operations and equipment that allow the company to perform at optimum productivity which means our company can run effectively at all times.

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